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CryptoKrunch is a Cryptoplatform with ICO rating of all listed ICOs

CryptoKrunch sort out ICO projects into categories (various industries) and they give you necessary information about the ICO and its financial information, whitepaper, team, social links and Roadmap, which are now considered as standard means for rating any ICO.

They make animated reviews of the most popular and promising ICO on their youtube and telegram channels.

Their unique ICO Calendar is visually intuitive and will enable you to easily browse through their complete ICO list as you just have to open the webpage and observe any week or month with projects presented as timetable on any given day.

You can also read daily cryptonews digest about very important topics of Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency.

A Crypto Airdrops section helps to promote ICO projects on social networks and gives you the avenue to gain a little knowledge about cryptocurrency.

Their ICO rating is a very valuable tool that is based on data science and machine learning model with over 50 parameters which is constantly being developed and updated with more and more information. This makes it more up-to-date and reliable than traditional personal decisions.

Also, the scores, which give the overall rating of ICO, assist users in making the right investment decision. There are a number of such scores which include the Hype score, Maturity score, and total score.
The Hype score is based on presale success and the size of the community, while the Maturity score is calculated on the basis of hardcap, strength of team and advisers, quality (and availability) of the prototype.

CryptoKrunch is truly the best CryptoPlatform that is extremely useful for searching ICO projects to invest in.

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